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    Welcome to my ongoing journey as I share what I learn to improve my relationship with Mother Earth.

    I’ll share my passion for tapping  creative and intellectual talents of all learners. You all have a genius within you! Please share it

   Many resources will focus on grade school and middle school students. Parents can explore with their kids. If you have ideas, let me know.

    You will see this website develop and change. Blog, wiki, Glog, Facebook, Twitter, podcasting, texting are digital tools in our lives. The younger generation has soaked up these ways to  communicate.

    I have so much to learn as I write about Digger Dynamo’s adventures and The Book Patch.com to help me.

       So Technology Rocks... tapping the passion for digging!

Do you care about Mother Earth?

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Rockin’ at a Rock Concert!
vmcgregor photo private rock concert