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SCBWI Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators

  • Join this SCBWI for resources and access webinars and many resources to help you write and publish.

Maricopa County Library or other County Libraries using Ed2go

A COUNTY LIBRARY CARD IN AZ gives access to  hundreds of free courses  through library learning ed2go (Gage).
City libraries  have a different resource. I chose the free county LEARN instead. . The  ed2go Writing and Publishing classes are great!  Sign up every 6 weeks. Many other topics available. writer education

Children's Book Insider

  • The core of our business is the same as it always has been: Children’s Book Insider, the Newsletter for Children’s Writers. Every month, for more than two decades, we’ve shared instruction, advice, market tips and inspiration through the pages of the CBI. We’re proud to be known as the source for all aspiring and working children’s writers.

A CHILDREN'S BOOKS RESOURCE is an ongoing project for the passionate community of people who read and write children’s literature.  Mary Kole is the author.


Children are important as writers. 

Click above for website resources for young authors.


I am exploring using a website and  a diggerdynamo mcgregor blog.